Compost & Green Waste Recycling

Here at Westbrook Country Club we believe in the importance of recycling. Throughout many years we have utilized the importance of compost and green waste recycling. We continually add fresh wood chips to the back of the pile from trees we remove off the course throughout the year. We then utilize the compost from the front of the pile.

20150417_090250 20150417_090141 20150417_090225

Thatch plugs from fairway aerification can be composted on the golf course. If plugs, woodchips and brush cannot be directly added back to the course because of operational constraints, they can be composted in a compost pile. Such materials readily degrade to rich organic composts to use as soil amendments when a few key management techniques are used. These include grinding all coarse material, blending green fleshy material with woody materials, frequently turning the pile and providing adequate moisture. Detailed composting information is available from most state agriculture extension agents or universities.

Tip for Homeowners:

  • Leave the clippings and small brush on their lawns
  • Use slow-release fertilizer
  • Mow every five to six days.

Bagging grass clippings and other organic compounds only contributes to the landfill problem and shouldn’t be necessary if lawns are mowed and manicured regularly.

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